Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
This type of bankruptcy will allow the Trustee of the Bankruptcy Court to liquidate any non-exempt assets to pay off all or some of your debts and discharge the rest.  We will assist you with preparing your bankruptcy petition and then filing it with the Bankruptcy Court in your area.  After the petition is filed, you will be given a 341 hearing date.  This 341 hearing is called the meeting of creditors.  At this hearing, the Trustee will ask any questions he/she may have about your petition and it is also an opportunity for any of your creditors to be heard.  If you have assets that you wish for the court to affirm, you will be given a second hearing date to re-affirm any assets.  If the Trustee is satisfied with your petition, your debts may be discharged approximately 4 months after the date you filed your petition.